Le Musée Banksy - Banksy's permanent exhibition in Paris

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A permanent exhibition in Paris

THE BANKSY MUSEUM takes you on an enchanting journey with Banksy, the master of the streets who has become a world-renowned artist.

Over 100 works!

We're offering you a unique experience. An immersion into the heart of Banksy's work, a journey that transcends borders.

From Paris to London, from Bristol to Bethlehem, from Los Angeles to Port Talbot. Banksy is a cross-borderer, an ephemeral migrant, a universal citizen who conveys messages that are just as universal.

But it's also a journey through time for each and every one of us... if we let ourselves be carried away. It's the discovery or rediscovery of Banksy's murals, which time has sometimes caused to disappear, which the hand of man has inadvertently covered, which commercial appeal has often subtracted from our eyes as passers-by.

A permanent exhibition in a Banksy museum in the heart of Paris' cultural and artistic center.

the little girl and the soldier the banksy museum paris
Banksy's "The Little Girl and the Soldier", 2008, Bethlehem
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