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Banksy's works

musee banksy rage the flower thrower le lanceur de fleurs
Banksy's "Rage, the Flower Thrower", 2003, Jerusalem
Banksy Museum

The World of Banksy exhibition is now on permanent view in the heart of Paris, in the 9th arrondissement - the capital's cultural district par excellence. You'll discover over a hundred works by the best-known and most enigmatic British street artist of his time.

In a setting perfectly suited to the atmosphere of street art, an urban scenography will take you from town to town, from era to era, to discover the iconic and sometimes lesser-known works of this anonymous street artist.

Bansky's works are the only way to understand his world.

They provide food for thought and bring out the artist's ironic, provocative character. Banksy is a citizen of the world, a humanist, a defender of humanitarian causes, an activist, an artivist, a non-conformist. Irony, provocation and a sense of humor are always present in his creations.

We are also touched by his sensitivity when he tackles difficult subjects such as childhood victims of war, migrants, poverty...).

He gives no chance to the excesses of consumerism, to the dictatorships of big business. And while he can be delicate, the force of his message remains intact.

Who is Banksy?

the girl with the umbrella le musee museum banksy paris
Banksy's "Girl with the Umbrella", 2008, New Orleans

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